I am an artist manager. Musicians hire me to work with them on their careers. I do not work FOR a label, but I work WITH many of them. My job is to help oversee and guide the creative process, as well as handle the business (licensing, touring, merch, contracts, retail, publishing, etc).

My full roster is at http://www.kmgmt.com

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2 responses to “About

  1. My show The Beauty Diseased has been a staple of some degree on WVKC 90.7 fm here in Galesburg Il at Knox College.
    I have had a hand in all that time in breaking many bands from the Ghetto to the streets.
    Many of the past bands you’ve mentioned as well as many of those you currently work with and help on some level
    I continue to do this because I love what I do. I dont make any money,the perks althu few and far between include free cds and the opportunities to attend shows from time to time
    My Company Psalmist Productions also does shows whenever we can afford to mostly around Cornerstone Festival every summer which is 45 min south of here and a few times throughout the year.
    Just wanted to to let you know that I Get where youre coming from and that youre not the only one that is doing it so please be encouraged,be blessed
    and if you ever are looking to hire on any level or know of someone looking to hire someone for Publicity,Radio PR. Label Support, Tour Support Management Help Marketting Help ect ect,please keep me in mind.
    thank you for you’re time and fer listening.
    Godspeed….Michael Psalmi…

  2. Hello, I am doing a speech on the advantages and disadvantages of going mainstream. What would you say are some advantages but most of all what are some disadvantages?
    thanks for your insight ! 🙂

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